The Bancor network became Ancora’s partner

//The Bancor network became Ancora’s partner

Its exchange protocol of tokens based on smart contracts will become an additional guarantee of liquidity of the project’s internal currency regardless of the token’s size, sales volume or quotations. Moreover, the possibility of conversion of arcona on any other token of a network will reduce its volatility and will help to avoid exchange spread.

Own ICO of Bancor took place in June, 2017 and in the first hour of a crowdfunding campaign the project attracted more than $83 million, and the total amount of ICO was $116,7 million.

The Arcona’s team is sure this partnership will help to solve such problems as to an output to the market of our cryptoassets. Bancor, in return, considers that tokens of global AR-ecosystem will become an interesting and useful product in the general basket of smart tokens.

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